The Domain names and are registered to Internet Café USA and have just become available for purchase.
Please submit inquiries regarding the purchase of either domain to

If you are the owner of an establishment (or thinking about becoming the owner of an establishment) named Duffy's Irish Pub, the IT or Website Professional for an establishment named Duffy's Irish Pub, you are probably aware of the advantages of having a domain name that directly represents your business. This is a rare opportunity to own one or both of these iconic Domain Names as there are Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants around the world named Duffy's Irish Pub and we don't expect these two premium Domain Names to remain unclaimed for very long.

The asking price for each domain is $2000.00USD or one person buying both $3500.00USD, however all reasonable offers will be considered. Should a bidding contest occur, the domain(s) will of course go to the highest bidder. All serious inquiries will be notified by email in the event of a bidding contest to allow them to adjust their offer. More bidding contest information.

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